Alexander Hanzlik

My Coordinates

48° 11' 48" North

16° 23' 45" East

Software Developer at sIT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH
PhD degree in Computer Engineering from Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Master of Business Administration (MBA) from PEF Private University of Management, Vienna, Austria

Hobbies: Computers, Computers, Computers, Films, Sports, Cars

I am living and working in Vienna, Austria.

eMail: ahanzlik @

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Curriculum Vitae

March 26, 1970 Born in Vienna, Austria
September 1976 - July 1980 Elementary School in Vienna, Austria
September 1980 - May 1988 Secondary School with bias on Latin and Greek

Bundesgymnasium 3, Kundmanngasse 22, Vienna, Austria

Graduation with distinction

November 1988 - June 1989 Military Service, Landwehrstammregiment 22, Austria

Officer cadet, quit due to injury

October 1989 - June 1995 Studies of Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology , Vienna, Austria

Graduation in Computer Science

October 1995 - November 1998 Frequentis Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

Software engineering for the ARTEMIS project (voice communication system for air traffic control) for the Service de Navigation Aerienne (STNA)

December 1998 - June 2009 SIEMENS AG Austria

Software engineering in the field of embedded systems for telecommunication applications

Project management for software projects in the field of xDSL service enhancement solutions

March 2001 - October 2004 Doctoral Studies in Technical Sciences

Institute for Computer Engineering (Institut für Technische Informatik), Vienna University of Technology

Promotion with distinction

November 2003 - November 2006 Research Assistant

Institute for Computer Engineering (Institut für Technische Informatik), Vienna University of Technology

Responsible for FWF (Austrian Science Fund) project P16638-N04 "Investigation of Clock Synchronization Strategies for Multi-cluster Real-time Systems"

March 2001 - date Research and publication activities in the field of fault-tolerant clock synchronization in distributed systems and simulation

List of Publications

November 2009 - November 2011 Master of Business Administration studies at PEF Private University of Management Vienna.

Graduation with distinction

October 2010 - December 2014 AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Research and software engineering in the field of network architectures for electric cars

January 2015 - December 2016 Siemens Corporate Technology

Software engineering and research in the field of distributed control systems for smart power grid applications

January 2017 - date sIT Solutions

Software engineering for Bank Applications and Tools


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